Aluminium Boats

The Finnmaster Husky aluminum boat is the right choice if you want to explore life on the water, or if the urge to skipper far is imminent. There are many undiscovered adventures at sea and when you are at the helm it is you who decides what you want to experience.

Finnmaster has been manufacturing GRP boats for more than 25 years. If there is one thing the shipyard knows about, it is the characteristics that are important for the skipper at sea. These requirements were transferred to a number of aluminium boats with intelligent solutions. When Finnmaster started designing the new aluminium boat series, features such as reliability, safety, endurance and durability were the most important. The same characteristics as the Husky dogs – hence the name Finnmaster Husky.

The boats of the R series are real athletes. In any weather.

Of course the Finnmaster Husky aluminium boat series follows the well-known Smart Design concept. Finnmaster has a perfect forebody, intelligent stowage and a first class cockpit as well as the best comfort for everyone on board in the foreground. To ensure that the Finnmaster Husky aluminium boat runs perfectly in both calm and rough seas, the aluminium hull has been developed in collaboration with the best Finnish boat builders.

All in all, this means that the Finnmaster Husky aluminium boat will take you to new and unforgettable experiences. Regardless of whether it is one of the first crisp spring days with rough waves or some of the last sunny autumn days before the onset of winter.

Husky R5

Length 5,46 m
Beam 2,10 m
Draft (hull) 0,35 m
Weight 535 kg
Engine 50-100 HP
Persons 5
Material Aluminium 5083

Husky R6

Length 6,00 m
Beam 2,30 m
Draft (hull) 0,45 m
Weight 890 kg
Engine 100-150 HP
Persons 7
Material Aluminium 5083

Husky R7

Length 6,54 m
Beam 2,35 m
Draft (hull) 0,45 m
Weight 1055 kg
Engine 130-200 HP
Persons 8
Material Aluminium 5083

Husky R8

Length 7,60 m
Beam 2,48 m
Draft (hull) 0,50 m
Weight 1365 kg
Engine 225-300 HP
Persons 9
Material Aluminium 5083