Bow Rider R-Serie

Less is more. That was the inspiration for us when we created a series of Bow Rider boats that fulfill the dream of the perfect leisure boat.

The Finnmaster R series models include everything that is important for a perfect day at sea. They are above all comfortable boats featuring for example large storage. The decks on all of the boats are also designed so that you can easily get in and out of the boat. Moreover, there is comfortable seating in the bow and the stern, which guarantees that you and your friends have a comfortable trip – whatever the weather.

Apart from all the smart features and well thought-out functions, the Finnmaster R series’ greatest advantage is that you always have full visibility in all weathers – something we all appreciate when we cast off for new adventures in the magnificent Scandinavian archipelago.


Length 5,60 m
Beam 2,27 m
Draft (hull) 0,40 m
Weight 650 kg
Engine 60-100 HP
Persons 6
Material Glass fibre (GFK)


Length 6,39 m
Beam 2,29 m
Draft (hull) 0,40 m
Weight 1050 kg
Engine 130-200 HP
Persons 6
Material Glass fibre (GFK)