Cabin P-Serie

There is no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing. We all know this here in northern Europe. For this reason, it was even more important for us to develop the models in the Finnmaster P series. You see, the whole idea behind this series is that you will not need to pull on several layers of clothes to take a trip across the bay.

The Finnmaster P series is the uncompromising model series where all the models have a roomy aft deck and a large cabin with plenty of room for your nearest and dearest. With a high freeboard, the whole family can move around freely and, above all, safely on board. Moreover, if you are adventurous, there is room to tie both surfboards and kayaks on the roof.

With the cabin boats in the Finnmaster P series, you can enjoy the same benefits offered by open leisure boats. Large cockpits make it possible for you to do everything; from going out for a fishing trip to eating dinner with your family. When the sun is at its zenith, the cockpit also becomes the perfect place for sunbathing and taking a dip. If the day at sea becomes longer than planned, there is plenty of space to spend the night.

Put simply, freedom takes central stage here. The Finnmaster P series offers you and your family all the experiences you long for when the sea lust is at its strongest.

Pilot 6

Length 6,35 m
Beam 2,29 m
Draft (hull) 0,45 m
Weight 1140 kg
Engine 100-150 HP
Persons 5
Material Glass fibre (GFK)

Pilot 7

Length 7,20 m
Beam 2,59 m
Draft (hull) 0,50 m
Weight 1700 kg
Engine 115-200 HP
Persons 7
Material Glass fibre (GFK)

Pilot 8

Length 8,40 m
Beam 3,00 m
Draft (hull) 0,55 m
Weight 3000 kg
Engine 250-400 PS, 2 x 150-200 HP
Persons 10
Material Glass fibre (GFK)