History of the company

As a young boy Ronny spent a lot of time with his father Hugo in the harbour of Chevroux. The Mathys sailed at that time with the “Nelia” a 6,5m Janneau boat, on the Neuenburgersee.

Hugo wanted to change and took a look at the Linssen motorboats. The Linssen Yachts produced in Holland were then sold by Nasta Marine SA. At that time Ronny had completed his apprenticeship as a bricklayer and was determined to develop professionally. The nautical industry and its surroundings, the shipyard, the steel yachts fascinated him.

After two years, on June 1st. 2006 Ronny began to reorient himself professionally and began to work in the workshop of the Nasta Marine with Jürg and Trudy Nacht.
At night, the owners of Nasta Marine have been thinking about the future of the company for quite some time. Both were 65 years old and it was not clear whether they wanted to close the business or hand it over to a successor. Also the Mathys were worried about the future of the Nasta Marine, but had not made any further plans.

Already after a few months of working in the workshop Ronny was invited to the office at night. He had a bad feeling and expected to be told that he could no longer be employed in the upcoming winter season. The conversation went in a completely different direction: he was asked whether he would like to continue his education and whether he could imagine taking over the company afterwards. This request came as a surprise!

After careful consideration Ronny accepted the challenge. The contracts were finally signed in 2007, on the condition that the purchase of land would be made possible vis-à-vis the workshop and that he could gain several months of practical experience at Linsen Yachts in Holland.

Everything went very fast, by the end of 2008 Nasta Marine SA was fully owned by Ronny. He’s been running the company since this year:


2009 Opening of the showroom
2010 Foundation of MarIndTec Schweiz AG -Volvo Penta Center Switzerland
2016 Foundation of Marine Parts & Accessoires GmbH – Online sales m-p-a.ch
2018 Opening of the Chevroux branch – Nasta Marine Mechanik & Shop

Nasta Marine SA is Europe’s first general importer of the popular LINSSEN steel yachts optimized for the Swiss lakes. Even after many years of cooperation and expansion of the Dutch family business, Nasta Marine SA is still one of the most important representatives of LINSSEN YACHTS worldwide.

Parallel to the steel yachts, Nasta Marine SA today presented a balanced range of different GRP and aluminium boats.